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You can test this by running “casino” once you are connected in NuTokyo and within a Casino area. Currently there is a Casino in the Xian district [13,10].


Currently there is two games available:

  • hilo
  • fruit machine


Hilo is a basic version of Higher or Lower. A number will be displayed to you (with a verification hash). When you guess, you will pay 1 NCR. If you win, you get 2 NCR back. If you complete all 10 rounds, you get a bonus NCR payout!

Fruit Machine

To run the fruit machine, use the command “fruit X” where “X” is the amount of NCR wagered per spin.

The fruit machine can take a variable bet number, you then pull the lever and hope for the best!

Run “prizes” to see the prizes available in the fruit machine. There is a jackpot available!

Running “fruit” will show you the options available.

Running “spin” will spin the wheel for the amount you entered.

Verification Of Results

At any time in the casino, you may verify the result you got is legitimate but running the verify commands as below:

  • verify HASH_SEED_CODE

This will return your result as verified by NuTokyo's Node Servers.

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