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The Corporations in NuTokyo create the rules, enforce the laws and are caught in a constant battle for NCR between themselves. The head of each Corporation area is called a Director, the head of each Corporation itself is a CEO.

Job Boards

Corporations of NuTokyo have a Job Board built into their Scythe connection programs. Not all Corporations have Jobs available. But successful completion of a Job will provide you with an NCR reward and your karma may go up (or down if you fail).

Corporations of NuTokyo

Aero Advanced Innovations

Biofuel, digital media, logistics and transportation

Alston Horizons

Medical supplies, medical & biological research

Anderson Railroads

Maglev trains, transportation, logistics

Automotive Chemical

Biofuels and synthetic lubricants

Bloodworth, Zhao & Hasek

*Biological research and production of bionic organs, production of biological replacement organs and limbs.

In 2113, Beauregard Bloodworth started ‘Bloodworth Bio R&D’ as a research and development company focused on biological and bionic solutions. As the company grew, it began a rivalry with an older company known as Zhao Bionics, which was founded in 2107 by Elizabeth Zhao. This rivalry continued, fueling the growth of both companies. However, after the beginning of the World Information War, a new threat to both companies appeared; Hasek International, a company, founded by Vladimir Hasek, that was quickly and aggressively taking over other smaller companies. In a move that shocked everyone, Beauregard and Elizabeth join forces against Hasek, agreeing to merge their own companies. Bloodworth & Zhao managed to acquire Hasek International with minimal bloodshed, eventually deciding to make Hasek himself a partner in the company. By the end of the war, Bloodworth, Zhao & Hasek had become a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world.

Cargo Transportation Control


Eon Technology Solutions (commonly known as Eon)

Industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of processors, power solutions, vehicle security systems, memory and storage solutions, as well as components found in many electronics and cybernetics. Formed in 2129 by co-founders Yashiro Ikeda and the late William Fairchild, Eon managed to survive the World Information Wars and is now lead by CEO Andrei Kurchatov.

Fletcher Holdings

Foreign Imperial

Fowler Gyrosoft

Imperial Solar

Industrial Equipment

Integrated Broadcasting

Integration Equipment Sciences

International Electric

Jones Integrated Research

Justice Biotechnics

Levy Entertainment

Maxidynamics (formerly Maximum Dynamics)

Logistics, engineering and production solutions

Mcdowell Innovations

Network Unlimited

North Technology Products


Publishing, tools, sciences (research), pharmaceutical, production, logistics, power solutions, business management solutions, and software

NuTokyo Entertainment Broadcasting

NuTokyo Medical Institutions

Pillars of Xian


Rowland Gas

Biofuel, power solutions

Rutledge Mutual Investments

Investment and financial counseling, real estate brokers

Sciences Applications

Solar Aeon

Security and surveillance equipment and solutions, onsite security, arms manufacturing

Ultracom Innovations

Satellite transmission and communications, network and business solutions

Unlimited Apparel

High end clothing manufacturers

Waters Pharmaceutical

Wholesale Pharmaceutical Healthcare

Xengi Industries

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