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About NuTokyo

NuTokyo is a huge city, with a population of around 30 million registered citizens and an estimated 1.5 million illegal citizens. It is around the size of a small country with a variety of sectors and districts. In 2123 corporations over took the Government as the central power force in NuTokyo and as such, govern the laws of the city.

The city is full of skyscrapers, neon, slums and bad air. Corporations exist in equilibrium with each other, though under the polite facade they are constantly trying to merge, takeover and even destroy each other.

This is an era of digital espionage and consumerism.

Rumors of a small selection of “Old Government” elites pulling the strings from behind the scenes still persist.

The 50 Sectors

The city of NuTokyo is a dark and foreboding place, it is split into 4 main sections. These are:

  • The Inner Ring: 7 Sectors
  • The Middle Ring: 14 Sectors
  • The Outer Ring: 28 Sectors
  • The Wildlands: Outside the city

The Inner 7 Sectors house the most populated districts of NuTokyo, this is where the bulk of the transactions take place and is also the most influential part of NuTokyo.

The Middle 14 Sctors are for medium wealth citizens and the Outer 9 are for the more lower class of citizen.

The Outer 28 houses a lower class of citizen, generally the junkies and low income Citizens.

The Wildlands

The Wildlands are beyond the City Walls

NuTokyo Inner 7 Map


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